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CSI Signature 2 Circuit Board & Motor Replacement Kit:  SS2MTR-KIT

CSI Signature 2 Circuit Board & Motor Replacement Kit: SS2MTR-KIT

  • 18900

Kit Includes:

  • CSI Signature II Legacy View Circuit Board (pre-mounted in faceplate for quicker installation) with encoder
  • Drive Motor
  • Power Board
  • Power Supply
  • Detailed installation and programming instructions
  • Faceplate labels for filter/softener/Nitro

This kit will replace all of the electrical components of any Signature II softener or filter, except for the Nitro Pro.* This will upgrade your unit to the latest program and allow you to use the Legacy View bluetooth app with your older Signature II softener or filter.  The installation procedure only takes a few minutes and requires only a screwdriver.  The circuit board can easily be programmed to work with any version of any previous Signature II Softener, backwashing filter, Reactr, Hydroxr, or "NTF" Nitro filter.  Detailed instructions with photos are included to guide you through the installation and programming procedure.

*If you need to replace the motor and/or board on a Nitro Pro built prior to 1/1/16, you will need to replace the powerhead or consult the factory to discuss other options, such as a complete control valve replacement.