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21003X101 Signature 2 Metered Softener w/o Meter - Powerhead Assy.

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Powerhead Assembly for CSI Signature 2 Series Metered Softener

  • For "MS" series softeners, but can also be programmed for use with "TS" softeners
  • Easily installs onto existing valve body without the need to disconnect plumbing
  • Can be installed on Signature 1 valve body to upgrade to Signature 2 specs
  • Includes power supply and slide cover
  • Allows you to re-use your existing meter assembly

New for 2016! All Signature II Powerheads are now Bluetooth-Enabled, allowing you to connect any Bluetooth 4.0 Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to your control valve using the "Legacy View" app (available for free on the Google Play store and Apple App store) for even simpler setup and programming!