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20001X220 Water Softener Injector Kit

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Injector Kit

Includes: Injector, Injector Screen, Injector Seal, Injector Cap, Stainless Steel Screws.  If you aren't sure which color you need, you can simply remove your current injector and check the color--or--check the sticker on your existing injector cap, and it should specify #1 (white), #2 (blue), or #3 (yellow).

Compatible with:

  • All CSI Signature 1 or Signature 2 softeners
  • All WaterSoft Isobar 2 softeners.

Note: these injectors are for CSI Signature 1-2 or Watersoft Isobar 2 softeners ONLY.  They will not work with CSI Sig 3 or Watersoft Isobar 3